Menu Guide/Key to food allergens present in foods:
E = Eggs M = Milk F = Fish P = Peanuts SE = Sesame SO = Soya
SD = Sulphur Dioxide

N = Nuts

C = Cereals containing gluten

CE = Celery M = Mustard L = Lupin
SH = Shellfish (Shrimp (crevette), prawns, crab, crayfish & lobster MO = Molluscs ( Mussels, clams, cockles, octopus, oysters, snails, squid (calamari), scallops.
Before you order your food and drinks please speak to a member of staff if you have a food allergy or food intolerance.
  Valencian Paella….is a rice dish from Valencia consisting of bomba rice, chicken, rabbit (optional
and when available), butter beans, runner beans, tomatoes, rosemary, and seasonings. CE
£9.95 per person
  Seafood Paella (Paella de Marisco)....is a rice dish using seafood (prawns, mussels and squid),
tomatoes, and seasonings. SH/M/CE
  Mixed Paella (Paella Mixta)….is a rice dish using both seafood (prawns, mussels, chicken, tomatoes, green beans, chorizo and seasonings. SH/M/CE £10.95per person
  (v)Vegetable Paella (Paella de Verduras)….is a rice dish using seasonal vegetable, butter beans, tomatoes and seasonings. CE £8.95per person
  there are no nuts or flour used in any of these dishes)  


  A brief history of the very famous Spanish dish Paella………………  

Valencian paella is a rice dish that originated in its modern form in the mid 19th century near lake Albufera, a lagoon in Valencia. On special occasions in the 18th centuryValencians used paelleras to cook rice from the rice feilds in Albufera in the open air of their orchards near the lake and added meat (chicken, rabbit, duck), snails, beans and vegetables.

On the Mediterranean coast, Valencians used seafood instead of meat and beans to make paella, Valencians regard this recipe as authentic as well. Later however Spaniards living outside of Valencia combined these two recipes and mixed paella was born.

During the 20th century paellas popularity spread past Spain’s borders, as other cultures set out to make paella the dish invariably acquired regional influences. Consequently paella recipes went from being relatively simple to including a wide variety of seafood, meat, sausage (even chorizo), vegetables and many different seasonings. However, Valencians insist only the original two (valencian & seafood) recipes are authentic, they generally view all others inferior!


Tortilla Espanola - the classic Spanish omelette of potatoes and Onions. E.B E

  Patatas Bravas – roasted small cut potatoes with a homemade Spicy tomato sauce. (v) E.B C/CE £3.95
  Ensaladilla Rusa  – small cut potato and vegetable salad with tuna and egg. E.B E/F/SO/SD £4.50
  Judias Verdes con pinones – Green beans & pine nuts (v) N £4.95

Calamares a la Romana – crispy squid rings. E.B MO/C


Gambas al pil pil – king prawns cooked in chilli and garlic. SH


Revelto Espanol – chorizo, scambled egg and potato. E


Boquerones – white anchovy fillets marinated in garlic oil and Vinegar . E.B F/SD


Albondigas – meatballs ( beef) in a rich tomato sauce  E.BC/M


Carne con papas – tender beef cooked with potato. CE


Jamon Serrano Iberico – thin slices of cured ham of 18mnths.


Chistorra – spanish, sautéed spicy pork sausage.

  Our Spanish sausages are gluten free, just double check in case our supplier has changed ingredients.  
  Champinones Ajillo – Garlic mushrooms (v) E.B M £3.95
  Higadillos de pollo picante – spicy chicken livers. E.B C £4.25
  Our Boards  
  Selection board of Spanish cheeses Manchego, Idiazabal (smoked) and a Spanish blue. (v) M £8.95
  Selection board of Jamon, Salchichon, and Chorizo £8.95
  Selection board of Cheeses and cured meats as above £9.95
  Ensaladas (salads)  
  Ensalada Mixta – lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, white asparagus, red pepper, red onion, tuna, egg. E/F/SD/SO £6.55
  Ensalada de cebolla y tomato – slices of tomato, cumber, onions and parsley, dressed.(v) SD £4.95
  Ensalada – A salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and onions with a balsamic dressing .(v)SD E.B £4.50
  Ensalada de queso azul – lettuce, watercress, cherry tomatoes, garlic, walnuts and blue cheese.(v)N/M  /SD £6.55
  All salads and garnishes with salad have an olive oil and vinegar dressing, please state if unwanted.  

Papas fritas – homecooked chips. (v)

  Patatas queso azul – Potaoes with blue cheese. (v) M £3.75

papas arrugadas – new potatoes cooked with course grain salt.

  with mojo sauce (v)(sauces only C/SD)  

Pan con alioli - bread with homemade garlic mayo. E/C

  Pan con tomate – toasted bread rubbed with garlic, spread tomato.(v)C £2.95
  olives – mixed olives served with olive oil & picos (v) (picos only C) £2.50
  Please see our specials boards for more tapas and desserts  
  Lunch/ Comida only  
  Baguettes / Bocadillos  
  Tortilla Espanol y alioli – Spanish omelette slices with garlic mayonnaise. E £4.95
  Pollo a la plancha, tomato y mojo rojo chicken, tomato and a mayo of red canarian sauce made with red peppers and paprika.C/E/SD £4.95

Albondigas con salsa de tomate y queso Meatballs in a tomato sauce with melted cheese. C/M/CE

  Bocadillo catalan the bread toasted slightly and rubbed with garlic, spread with tomato fresh, olive oil, and Serrano ham.C £4.25
  Jamon y queso Serrano ham and manchego cheese. £4.95
  Ternera al horno con sobrasada slow cooked beef in juices with onions and a Spanish chorizo spread. C £6.95

Bocadillo calamari – Calamari a la Romano and garlic mayonnaise. C/MO/E

  Ensaladas / salads  
  Pollo con chorizo -  a salad of leaves, tomato, cucumber, onions, chicken and chorizo with a balsamic dressing. SD £6.95

Jamon, nueses y balsamico – a salad of leaves, tomato, cucumber, onions, walnuts and sautéed Serrano ham with a balsamic dressing. N/SD


Queso manchego, pequillo pepper y aceitunas – a salad of manchego cheese, red pequillo peppers, olives, leaves, tomato, cucumber, onions and a balsamic dressing. (v) M/SD

  • We here at Espanol are happy to cater for customers with food allergies, especially if we have prior notice.
  • Please note, expecting full attention from a busy chef at peak times is unrealistic and unfair on the chef.
  • Do not hesitate in asking questions about  any of our dishes, we will be happy to answer .
  • Our chefs will want to know the potential severity of reactions that can be caused by tiny amounts of particular foods.
  • We often use nuts in our cusine (Almonds, Walnuts, Pinenuts mostly), so unfortunately cannot 100% guarantee our dishes are completely nutfree, there could be traces, if we were to have prior notice we could cook dishes ahead with our separate pans and utensils before we prep our everyday menu ensuring nut free dishes.